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Handcraft Workshop is a modern sewing studio located in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. We teach machine sewing to children and adults through fun, engaging, hands-on project-based classes. Our classes are designed for students with skill levels ranging from the very beginner to advanced. You’ll have a great time learning to sew at Handcraft Workshop.


The Studio

Handcraft Workshop is the dream of Heather Hutchison Harris.

The Workshop

Heather has been sewing for most of her adult life. Prior to opening the shop, Heather was a teacher in the Philadelphia School District and had a great idea:

Why not combine her love of teaching and her love of sewing? She told her husband Andre about the idea and the two decided to do something crazy together and go for it. After two years and a lot of hard work, Handcraft Workshop opened its doors in December 2013.

The shop is a place for people to discover the joy and satisfaction of making something tangible by hand,

for members of the sewing community to gather and meet,
and for people of all ages to have fun in a creative workspace.